What if I told you about a country that executed thousands of its citizens every day? What if none of those citizens had committed a single crime? What if the facts didn’t matter because they had no rights to a trial?

What if I told you that those citizens were the poorest, the weakest, the most vulnerable of society? What if many of them were sentenced specifically because of disabilities? What if a disproportionate percentage of minorities were sentenced?

What if a more powerful class of people were given the privilege of deciding if these vulnerable citizens lived or died? What if the government, rather than defending these citizens, actually funded their extermination? What if these exterminations were referred to as “freedom”—the right of one class to sacrifice another for their own personal path?

What if I told you that the executions were carried out in inhumane conditions? What if the victims had nothing, not even clothes, and were executed naked? What if trained professionals starved them to death or tore their bodies apart with specially designed tools while they were still living?

What if I told you the country was yours? What would you do?

Since 1973, over 60 million U.S. citizens have been legally executed via abortion—without a trial, having never committed a crime. That’s roughly 10 times the number of Jews killed in the holocaust, and almost 60 times the number of U.S. casualties of war throughout our history.

· As of 2012, the termination rate of pregnancies with a prenatal diagnosis of Down Syndrome was 67-85%.

· Abortion rates are highest among minorities.

· According to the CDC, in 2016 black women accounted for 38% of all reported abortions, despite the fact that the black community comprises only 12% of the population. Black women are having abortions at almost 4 times the rate of white women.

· For the fiscal year 2018-2019, Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in America, received nearly $617 million in government funding.

· In a first trimester medical abortion, the baby is starved to death.

· In first trimester surgical abortions, providers use a suction catheter to vacuum the baby from the womb. The force of the suction tears the baby apart as he/she is sucked into the catheter.

· In D&E abortions, providers use a metal sopher clamp to grab onto parts of the baby and pull him/her out in manageable pieces.

· In third trimester induction, the provider inserts a large needle into the baby’s head, torso, or heart, delivering a lethal dose of digoxin to stop the baby’s heart. The dead body is later delivered via still birth, and if the body does not come out in one piece, a D&E is performed.

As we face the 2020 election, I have a few concerns:

Why do some Americans get to decide whether others live or die?

Why is the economy more important to us than the roughly 2,000 innocent lives taken every day?

Why do many anti-racist politicians support the abortion industry that claims the lives of roughly 4 times more black children than white?

Why is it okay to bash the president for 200,000 people dying from a virus and ignore the facts that 60 million Americans have been legally exterminated since 1973 and so many of our leaders still defend this “right?”

How can we trust leaders to do what’s best for anyone when they won’t defend victims of violence who have no voice?

In a free country, the right to life should be a given. Instead we have “choice”—the greatest injustice of our time, and the revelation of our true character. We are not the moral superiors we think we are.

I am praying that God will forgive us and enable us to end to abortion.

I am supporting my local pregnancy resource center that empowers women to choose life.

And I am voting pro-life first.

What will you do?

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