All my days

bear Your footprints.

You have gone before me


Before I knew Your name,

You gave me a heart,

and You have kept it beating


You did not let me live 5 years

without the miracle

of Your life joined to mine


My sin ran deep;

Your love ran deeper.

You saved me then and You save me still—


Your joy is the sweetest song

I have ever sung,

the taste of Your presence given


And yet I have welcomed evil to my heart,

hoarding forbidden treasures,

and You have rebuked me


I have fashioned sparkling idols,

bowing down to the works of my own mind,

and You have crushed them


I have reveled in self-righteousness,

cursing others to exalt myself,

and You have shattered my pride


I have wrestled against Your sovereignty,

slandering You in my thoughts,

and Your intentions have only been good—


I have stabbed Your heart times beyond number,

and when I turn my footsteps home,

You run to meet Your prodigal daughter


I have fallen,

wrung and torn by doubt,

and You have kept Your Word


I have been eaten alive

by a conscience gone rabid,

and Your truth has delivered me


In crashing waves of exhaustion,

the sickness drowning me,

You have held me up


In the dark and lonely places

where no one else can go,

You have been my Friend


Your love is higher than the skies

and dearer than all the world,

and You have given it


Thank You! ❤️

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