Cheerful Givers

This past Thursday (Valentine's Day) I arrived at work, ready (for once) for a crazy party day. The parents had all signed up to bring food, and I had all the other necessary materials, including a pre-meditated schedule of events. When I opened the door to pick up my students from another teacher, two of … Continue reading Cheerful Givers

Sunglasses and Purpose

My students were sitting at the table playing with some toys this morning. One of the boys had piece that was shaped like a heart so I asked him what shape it was. "Diamond," he said. "No, it's not a diamond," I said. "It's a heart. What does a heart mean?" None of the kids … Continue reading Sunglasses and Purpose


Puddles, unlikely windows to the sky, small, impure, vanishing with passing day, trace a gaze-inviting glimpse of the grandeur of the heavens. May the Grandeur of Heaven trace Himself on me, making me, though small, impure, vanishing with passing day, an unlikely window to the Sky.