Trashing God for Idols: What Happens When We Can’t Wait for God

Read: Exodus 32 The inciting moment of Israel's decision to make a golden calf to be their god occurs when they saw that Moses delayed to come down from Mount Sinai. It had been forty long days of staying in one place, and the children of Israel couldn't sit still and wait any longer. They … Continue reading Trashing God for Idols: What Happens When We Can’t Wait for God

My Race

My life has a limp and I shuffle along— swift and graceful as a turtle. Other lives have limbs built for speed and run majestically like cheetahs. My heart loathes to lose, but my head is in the game— I will limp on for You, and when I do, I only seem to lose.


What if I told you about a country that executed thousands of its citizens every day? What if none of those citizens had committed a single crime? What if the facts didn’t matter because they had no rights to a trial? What if I told you that those citizens were the poorest, the weakest, the … Continue reading Choices

What Would Have Been

The clench of pain, the darkness pressing; the future robbed, all longing wasted; the music quenched, the pleasure hollow; the loves in vain, the friendships fading; all losses sealed, the grief unbroken; all hope unknown, all roads unsteady; a failing breath, and death forever— if Jesus had not risen. .