Why does it hurt so much— this life? Designed for glory, but ignoring the instructions of the Engineer, we feasted on forbidden fruit. ... Built for one thing, used for another— no wonder we are broken. .


We laid the past to rest, down in the dirt, buried deep, thinking—hoping—it was the end. But then the flowers grew— memories in bloom across the grass— a portrait of life with not a hint of loss. Spring casts these foreshadows— the curse lifted, the tears gone, the work of God’s fingers making all things … Continue reading Foreshadowing


Who can solve the puzzle of life? All the tiny pieces— the incomprehensible piles strewn across the table— plague the mind. We know there’s a picture there— somewhere, but how and where and when do the pieces fit? ... God knows. ... Take the piece He gives you, and lay it at his feet. One … Continue reading Puzzles