Blindfold Me

When I pray, blindfold me— shut the windows, cover my ears, and numb me— because awareness of burdens still unchanged unnerves me— I don’t have the heart to pray if prayer means nothing. But You are invisible. And, more often than not, Your works are invisible too. So black out my perceptions that I may … Continue reading Blindfold Me

My Poet

Most people come in prose— masterpieces that the world could not do without. But when You wrote me, you wrote poetry— imaginative, concise, and rhyming You. And when I look around, I see glory where others see cliche— bits of poetry sprouting in the grass, jumping trees with squirrels, resting moon-like in the clouds. I … Continue reading My Poet

The Poetry of Beginning

Words— strong words— calling worlds out of nothing. • Words— hopeful words— breathing light into darkness. • Words— skillful words— carving skies out of the water. • Words— artistic words— sketching land and all her foliage. • Words— adorning words— racing space-ward, hanging lanterns. • Words— accomplished words— birds in flight, and fish that swim. … Continue reading The Poetry of Beginning