Who Gets To Be God

One of the rules in my classroom is that no one except the teacher gets to open the door (for safety reasons). Often when we are getting ready to go somewhere, one of my students will put his hands on the door handle as if to open it, and I will ask them all, “Who gets to open the door?” Usually, one of them will pipe up, “Miss Holli, you do!”

I end up asking that question multiple times a day because, every time we go somewhere, at least one kid is tempted to open the door and charge ahead before I’m ready.

What’s surprising is that this simple question has revolutionized my thinking about God. I’m noticing that when I’m troubled about circumstances and mysteries in life, a similar question comes—

Who gets to be God?

And with those five little words, the Lord stills the wild winds of my heart. I understand the familiar language . . . and the answer—

Lord, You do.  

The Lord gets to decide what happens with me. He gets to place whatever people He wants in my life—the ones who will bless and the ones who will hurt. He gets to decide what kind of health I have—great or not so great. He gets to give desires—fulfilled or unfulfilled. He gets to choose the daily circumstances—the blessings, the annoyances, the delights, the trials.


Because this is the Creator that we’re talking about. The wise One who designed the universe and engineered life. The Sovereign One who crafts in intricate detail the masterpiece of history. The kind One who made us for Himself and who gave Himself for us.

He absolutely knows better than I do.

Who gets to be God?

He does.

“But our God is in the heavens; He does whatever He pleases,” (Psalm 115:3).

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