Observing Death with the Stoics

I walked with the stoics to the cliffs of death . I peered over the same ledge, down into the same ice black waters . and I tried so hard to breathe in the rush of freezing ache . kicking and squirming and trying not to make a sound . while they sat with their … Continue reading Observing Death with the Stoics

What Would Have Been

The clench of pain, the darkness pressing; the future robbed, all longing wasted; the music quenched, the pleasure hollow; the loves in vain, the friendships fading; all losses sealed, the grief unbroken; all hope unknown, all roads unsteady; a failing breath, and death forever— if Jesus had not risen. .


Why does it hurt so much— this life? Designed for glory, but ignoring the instructions of the Engineer, we feasted on forbidden fruit. ... Built for one thing, used for another— no wonder we are broken. .